Journal Scope

The scope of HMSR is intentionally broad. Medicine and health care involve diverse areas of scholarship and thought, and HMSR will be accommodating to most topics that fall within these spheres. This includes, but is not limited to, trends in biomedical research and technology, innovations in medical care delivery, debates in medical ethics, opinions on best health policies, and views of medicine and medical education from the lens of a student—a lens that is itself diverse.

Instructions for Artists

Please submit scanned or photographed artwork as an electronic file. There are no restrictions on subject matter or type of media used. However, photographs of recognizable people are not generally published. Submissions may be sent to

Instructions for Authors

Title Page
Please include a title page with your submission that includes the title of the manuscript, authors’ names and affiliations/institutions, and contact information for the corresponding author.
Please provide a short synopsis of 40 words maximum that summarizes or describes the work submitted. At publication, this synopsis will appear on the website’s main page, along with the title.
Manuscript Body
The length of the main text should be appropriate for the subject matter; there is no formal word count.
Figures and Tables
Each figure and table should have a title and a legend immediately below said figure/table.
All references should be cited as endnotes and not footnotes. For styling references, please utilize the format seen in the New England Journal of Medicine, viewable here. For in-text citations, please utilize the following formats: for multiple-author papers, use “(A. Johnson et al., 2004)”; for two-author papers, use “(A. Johnson and B. Smith, 2006)”; and for single-author papers, use “(A. Johnson, 2005).”
Electronic Files
For initial submission, all text, references, figure legends, and tables must be contained in a single electronic file (DOC, DOCX, or PDF only). If, for any reason, you believe this requirement will not work for your manuscript, please contact us explaining your circumstances. Submissions may be sent to

Simultaneous and Previously Published Submissions

HMSR does not accept submissions that have been previously published or are currently under consideration at another journal.